Review: Dagbladet, Friday 7 November 2008
The Sculptor of Sound
Truls Mørk, cello with Oslo Philharmonic, cond. Jukka Pekke Saraste, Oslo Konserthus.


It is Lasse Thoresen’s strength as a composer that he constantly dares to challenge his own metier. Only rarely is he taking refuge in well known tricks of the trade and standard solutions.  We perceive all the time how he listens his way, how he is seeking something new and unheard of, as if he is feeling his way through the music.
Therefore we never know for sure what we get when a new work by Lasse Thoresen is programmed, as it was in Oslo Konserthus yesterday night, when a new piece was premiered by Truls Mørk and the Oslo Philharmonic conducted by Jukka-Pekka Saraste.

Some basic features are invariant, for instance the fact that Thoresen is more of a sculptor of sounds than a story-teller.

But most importantly - what we immediately perceive - there is no uncertain fumbling in his music, but a will to reach forth into the unknown.  This passion for exploration seizes us and carries us through, just till the last second of the forty minute long new cello concerto “Passage through three valleys”… The concert is first of all carried forth by the cello part, that Mørk played superbly.  Little by little Thoresen unfolds one sonorous landscape after the other till they towards the end grow huge and luminous, without us at any point being too sure where he is leading us.  The piece maintains our excitement and expectations even until the generous euphonies of the finale that embraces us and everything in the end.


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