Review: Aftenposten, Friday 7 November, 2008
Brilliant  performance by the cellist Truls Mørk.
World premier of a first rate new cello concerto
Truls Mørk, cello with Oslo Philharmonic, cond. Jukka Pekke Saraste, Oslo Konserthus


To the extent that a concerto is based on the tension between to parties, the concert was the prototype of this musical form.  Lasse Thoresen’s Passage through three Valleys. Symphonic Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra opus 38 was a revelation of beauty conveyed through fascinatingly rich and complex sound images, within which delicate details and extensive surfaces were moving.
The true art is to coordinate both details and the wholes, and this was exactly what Thoresen did.  This could already be observed in the disposition of the orchestra at stage where the soloist was placed in the centre, surrounded by an instrumental septet of strings and wind instruments. Behind followed the percussion, and then the orchestra in a terraced formation.

Image. This placement suggested the idea to confront one group with another.  The one to anchor all of this was Truls Mørk, who as a soloist conjured up the most delicate of details.  He mastered and shaped the musical matters with passionate emotion. He projected authoritatively the role of the solo part as a leader and commentator, thus becoming the pivot in the alternation between the different orchestral groups.

Particularly fascinating was the interaction that developed when the instrumental group behind the soloist seized the material and projected it with visible force.  The concert created a number of images, most of them tempting to interpret as landscapes.

Idar Karevold.


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