The Concrescence Project

The Concrescence Project: A Brief Description

The Concrescence Project is an aesthetically orientated research project that intends to bring about innovations in vocal practise and composition. The project also includes theoretical research and pedagogical practise. Professor Lasse Thoresen (The Norwegian Academy, Oslo) is the artistic director of the project. The Norwegian Academy of Music has prioritized the project as one of its principal areas of aesthetic research.

Through the synergy between highly different, seemingly contradictory vocal traditions - ethnic as well as contemporary - new musical expressions can come into existence. In its present form the project attempts to combine Western classical singing with harmonic chant (”diphonic” chant) and Scandinavian traditional singing styles (kveding, kulning etc.). To these sources is added a spectromorphological perspective (derived from the French Musique Concrète). Further reflection on the compositional possibilities of these elements makes evident the need for a theoretical understanding of microtonality and the series of harmonics (‘Just Intonation’).

Vocal exercises for improving note accuracy are being developed to help singers master microtonal intervals. Asst. professor Gro Shetelig (The Norwegian Academy of Music) is working on the development of a Microtonal Ear Training method for singers; to be finished during 2012.

Improvisation is used as a means to exploit musical potentials.

The project encourages a phenomenological approach – no expectations, clear observation of the moment, focus on concrete sound – rather than a priori models of musical organization.