Upcoming Events 2020

The Njord Biennale.

I am festival-composer in the Njord Biennale 2019. Several works will be performed: Bare Hvitt, Brefront, and Minnemøter with the Sinfonietta of the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, and Prison Poems based on the incredible poems of Mahvash Sabet. Nordic Voices will perform Land of Your Love – based on poems by the Iranian 19th century poet Tahirih. The program can be accessed here: Njord Biennale 

Løp Lokk og Linjer

This hour-long piece for folk-singer and sinfonietta will be performed by Berit Opheim and the Berg Orchestra in Prague, 9 March. I am invited to lecture for the composers at the conservatory during my stay in the city.

Klangwelt Toggenburg

In May I will take part in symposia and concerts: Klangwelt Toggenburg

WP of QN (Det værende) with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Norwegian Choir of Soloists.

During 2019 I finished the manuscript of N , a major work commissioned by Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra for their 100 years’ jubilee season. This will probably be my last work for a symphonic ensemble. The concert takes place in April. Website.

Past Year’s Events

Key-note address at CEMPE

Terraces of Light

This year the bicentenary of the birth of the Báb, the prophet forerunner of the Bahá’í Faith was celebrated. I happened to have written a symphonic oratorio (Terraces of Light op. 36) for the opening of the Báb’s Shrine at Mount Carmel. As my contribution to the celebration, I posted the Oratorio at YouTube with an improved sound-track and subtitles. YouTube

Norsk Musikkfest 2019

Norsk Tonekunstnersamfund celebrated my 70 years’ jubilee 29. Oktober. Nordic Voices performed Solbøn op. 42, Vebjørn Anvik performed Invocations op. 52

Birthday celebration.

I was 70 years 18th October. My wife, Britt Strandlie Thoresen had prepared an enormous celebration event with about 150 guests present. A number of my works were performed, Arild Erikstad from NRK presented clips from video interviews and concerts that had been televised since 1972, I was presented a book with essays written in honor of me (Festskrift) with the title Spektraler, Lytting, Humanisme, edited by Hilde Holbæk Hansen (Link). There were video greetings from Norway and Canada, including a greeting from the minister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande. The greatest surprise of all: Fylkesmann Valbjørg Svarstad Haugland accorded me a The King’s medal of honor (Kongens Fortjenestemedalje). The celebration was video-filmed: Link

Helligkvad in Emanuel Vigelands Museum

Guro Utne Salvesen gave an integral performance of Helligkvad op. 19, October 10.

The Sound of Arctic. Terra Meravigliosa.

The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra gave the world premiere of the The SOUND OF ARCTIC (LYDEN AV ARKTIS) in Tromsø Kulturhus (10 September), and Stormen (Bodø) (11 September), Website. It was also performed as the opening concert of the Ultima Festival in Oslo (12 September). Behind the orchestra there was a visual display of arctic atmospheres, created by Trym Ivar Bergsmo and Tor Ditlevsen.

Radio program (in Norwegian) about The Sound of Arctic, and recording of the concert here: Website

Excerpts from the concert broadcast through NRK are here: Website

Broad cast and critical review can be found here: Website

Hemsingsfestivalen 2019

I spent a wonderful week in Aurdal, Valdres in February as festival composer of Hemsing Festivalen.

Trondheim Kammermusikkfestival.

I was the festival composer at Trondheim Kammermusikkfestival, and a great number of my works were performed, including a concerto for symphony orchestra and soloists. HELLIGKVAD, (Berit Opheim, sang); SOLBØN, (Nordic Voices); YR, (Ragnhild Hemsing, fiolin og Hallgrim Hansegård, dans); MON DIEU, MON ADORÉ, (Nidaros domkor); ØKOFANFARE (Trine Knutsen); THE DESCENT OF LUMINOUS WATER, (Grieg trio); Fra LØP, LOKK OG LINJER: HEIMREISA. MELLOMBELS + FUGLAR, FE OG FOLK + RUDLATRADL (Berit Opheim, sang + Trondheim Sinfonietta); DOBBELKONSERT FOR HARDINGFELE, NØKKELHARPE OG ORKESTER ”EN BRODERFOLKSKONSERT”, (Ragnhild Hemsing, hardingfele, Emilia Amper, nøkkelharpe og Trondheim symfoniorkester, dir. Eivind Aadland, Trondheim symfoniorkester); SKYGGERS DRØM, (World Premier) (TrondheimSolistene, kunstnerisk leder Geir Inge Lotsberg).

There were lectures and masterclasses as well at NTNU Institutt for musikk: and a «Meet the composer» seminar with interview and open rehearsal of TWO DANCES, and a piano work.


  • Publication of paper

Meter-as-heard is not the same as notated meter. The rhythmic skeleton of notation is sometimes radically transformed by when the performer embodies his artistic conception in the flesh of sound.  The rubato playing of Sergej Rachmaninoff is the matter to under consideration in a paper I wrote as part of the Reflective Musician Project at the Norwegian Academy of Music some years ago. “Extreme Interpretation? Some Observations on S. Rachmaninoff’s Version of Chopin’s Third Ballade in Ab- flat major, op. 47”.  The paper is published in the Orpheus Institute Series in the volume entitled “Sensorial Aesthetics in Music Practices”.
Acousmograph analyses of excerpts of Rachmaninoff’s performance are published here:

  • Participation in conference on spectral music.

My paper “Spectral Mergers” was presented at Spectralisms 2019 at IRCAM, Paris, mid June. The paper was based on a more extensive article that can be found here:  Website



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